Do you do rentals?

Yes! We do a variety of rentals. Atom Heart Music is an agent for Hoffman's Music in Spokane.  We rent all kinds of Band and Orchestra instruments through them. Atom Heart also rents out P.A. equipment and some back-line gear.


Do you fix Guitars?

Yes. We have an excellent luthier, with decades of experience, who does repairs on any stringed instrument. Bring it in and we will get you a free quote. Basic setup and simple electronics, we do in-house.


Do you carry Band Accessories?

Yes we carry all the basics you will need for Band and Orchestra. If we don't have what you need in we can order it for you.


Does this sound authentic?

I couldn't hear you, Bert, I had a banana in my ear...


Do you buy Instruments?

Occasionally. We don't cash many people out, but when we do we offer half of what we expect to sell it for, but we do consign instruments for people all the time. There is a 25% seller fee, bring your instrument in for an appraisal.