Morgan Zearott was born in Orange County, CA to a musical family. He grew up with the ever present sound of piano lessons taught by his mother, who would come home from teaching at the college to continue teaching until dark, and by his father, who would fly out of town to conduct orchestras around the world. Morgan taught his first guitar lesson at the age of 14, at the Boy Scout camp where he worked each summer, and spent countless nights drifting from campfire to campfire, playing and singing songs with his friends.

Since those days, Morgan has worked for Francis Ford Coppola on the film score for the 1927 Abel Gance masterpiece 'Napoleon', and has taught and performed thousands of hours of music with hundreds of musicians, in symphonies, bands, combos, duos, as an accompanist, and as a soloist. Morgan currently works as an instructor at Atom Heart Music in Pullman, WA. He also serves as a pianist for instrumentalists and vocalists of Washington State University, as well as the Washington-Idaho Symphony, and performs at various cultural events. Additionally, he tunes and services pianos in the area. Morgan has lived in the Pacific Northwest for 20 years.

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Morgan Zearott

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